About Me

I am Eleanor van der Hoest,

your cycling tutor


I was a young adult when I learnt to ride a bike so I understand barriers to learning something many take for granted.  Thanks to my Dutch boyfriend, who taught me surprisingly quickly on his mum’s bike, I was soon exploring the local countryside.  I loved the freedom of cycling which was also an ideal companion to my hobby of photographing nature.   

Decades of cycling later, I was inspired to teach cycling after helping a nervous participant at a cycling event and found this was my forte.  The training to become a cycling instructor taught me masses about both bike control and best practice on roads that I didn’t know before.  And it gave me practical experience teaching on the Bikeability programme (the government scheme which replaced the old Cycling Proficiency).  My aim now is to promote confident cycling and spread the joy of riding a bike. 

Since qualifying in 2014 as a National Standard Cycle Training Instructor,  I have been  teaching independently, mainly one-to-one.  Beginners are my speciality and it warms my heart to see a new learner of any age progress.  After patient work, the moment they get the hang of balancing is a thrill, and then comes pedaling and the finer skills.  In one week I saw both a 7-year-old boy and a 62-year-old woman progress to pedaling. See the section on beginners on the Your Learning Experience page.

Movement is essential to keep our body and mind working well into old age, and cycling is a fantastic way to do this.  In my other work I help people to stay mobile in various ways through a bespoke service called Ways to Move https://waystomove.co.uk/.  

My love of active things like cycling, dancing and walking, is balanced by also enjoying ink drawing, baking and recorder playing.  On top of the joy of the doing itself, there is the added delight of sharing the experience with others – in common with the cycle tuition.




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