Your Cycle Lesson

Contact me to book or to discuss: or 07952 314768
Here’s some information as a guide –  we will talk before you start lessons.

Area covered
Southampton, Eastleigh

– £25 per hour singly
– £130 for a set of 6 hours.
Lessons are usually 2 hours long, shorter by arrangement.
Please ask about group lessons.
There is no subsidised price through the local council.

Come prepared for the lesson
You will need a road-worthy bicycle.   If necessary, (or if you are not sure), the bike you’re using must be checked by a cycle repairer before your lesson.   If you do not have access to a bicycle, ask me about borrowing one for the lesson.

Wear normal clothing for moderate physical activity outdoors. Make sure there is nothing loose that could get caught in the mechanism.  Check the forecast and be prepared for a change in the weather! Come to the lesson having eaten and consider bringing water.

A well-fitting helmet may reduce injury in the event of a blow to the head.  The purpose of lessons is to minimise the likelihood of a fall.  There are good reasons for and against helmet wearing so you need to inform yourself and make your own decision.  Ask me if you want to discuss this. The Cycle Helmet Research Foundation website may help: If you choose to wear a helmet, it must be correctly fitted to be effective – I’ll show you when you come.

What to expect
Before your lesson we’ll discuss your starting point and what you want to achieve. In a traffic-free space, we begin with a simple bike check, and then go through all the practical skills you need to control your bike.

Only when you are confident in these, do we move to quiet roads where we cover all the manoeuvres you need for riding on roads and negotiating basic junctions. Road positioning, hazard awareness and communicating with other road users are integral to this. If you choose to, we can go on to more advanced work on busier roads and more complicated junctions.

I cover the National Standards outcomes (which form the content of the Bikeability schools programme).  Click the blue links for details.
Level 1 – Bike control skills in a traffic-free environment
Level 2 – Essentials of cycling on roads
Level 3 – Advanced road riding, busier roads and more complex junctions

Tuition Time
The amount of training you need varies from person to person. As a guide, people who can already ride well, may find around 6 hours is adequate to cover Level 1 and Level 2.  A complete beginner will need more time to learn to balance on the bike and then developing skills.

We agree a suitable place in the Southampton area when you book.

After tuition
Look forward to invigorating, friendly, sustainable and liberating travel for all manner of journeys – from a nip to the shops to a day out or even a cycling holiday! You may find you love cycling so much that you take up a special interest, such as racing, off-roading or even stunt riding. Happy cycling!

Bicycle on the boardwalk, River Itchen, Southampton