Cycling Matters

Cycling advice

  • SEE and BE SEEN – use road positioning, light colours, and of course lights at night.
  • Show your intentions clearly through positioning and signaling.
  • Be alert to what’s all around you.
  • Communicate with other road users with eye contact and helpful gestures
  • Take your place on the road with courteous assertiveness.
  • Take tuition for guidance, improvement and support


Web links

Southampton Cycling Campaign – campaigning, rides, routes and more
Become a member and boost cyclists’ voice

Eastleigh Borough Council Cycling in Eastleigh page 
Loads of information for cyclists around Eastleigh – maps, journey planning, rides

My Journey Southampton
Southampton City Council cycling info

helping people choose healthier, cleaner, cheaper jouneys

The national cycling charity

Cycling Buddy
Find a cycling buddy, events, and lots more

Commuter Cycling Skills Program – Metro Vancouver
An example of what training does

Cycle shops in Southampton
List from from internet directory