Where do the lessons take place?

We agree a suitable location when we arrange the lesson. For beginners I use public parks with surfaced paths, such as The Southampton Common and Daisy Dip. For road craft we agree an area of roads with the right level of challenge.

How much do the lessons cost?
£25 per hour. There may be a discount for booking a bundle
How long are the lessons?
Standard 2 hours for optimal value for us both. With young children 1 ½ hours may be their maximum.
How many lessons will I/my child need?
There is no standard number. Some people learn faster than others. Some people take longer to overcome their fears. Patience and encouragement is the order of the day. If you can practice between lessons, your progress will be quicker. Once you can control the bike, 6 hours’ tuition should suffice to cover the basics of road riding.
Isn’t cycling too dangerous with current traffic levels and driver behaviour?

No. Cycling is much less dangerous than sitting all day. All life has risk which we constantly weigh up against benefits. As more people cycle, it becomes safer, as drivers become more accustomed to sharing the roads with us. In this tuition you will learn strategies to help protect yourself and others. I have cycled for over 40 years and never been in a collision with a motor vehicle.

What should I wear for the lessons?

Wear normal clothing for moderate physical activity outdoors. Make sure there is nothing loose that could get caught in the mechanism. Check the forecast and be prepared for a change in the weather! In cooler weather, wear layers and remember cloves, scarves etc. Headgear must not impair vision when turning the head.

Do I need special clothing for cycling?
No. For ordinary journeys wear normal clothes for being active outdoors. Lycra cycling clothing is useful if you are riding a substantial distance – it is designed to keep you comfortable at an even temperature, and absorb sweat. If you are intending to cycle as transport, I would recommend investing in a cycling jacket. These are lightweight and comfortable, protect from wind and rain, and increase your visibility. Check they are of a fluorescent colour and have reflective strips for improved.
Should I wear a helmet?
In the UK there is no legal requirement to wear a helmet when cycling on roads. It is your personal choice, so inform yourself of the pro’s and con’s – it’s not black and white. For beginners, it is highly unlikely that you will fall resulting in a head injury, so it’s a free choice. If you feel safer with one on, wear it; if you find it restrictive and makes you more anxious, leave it off. If you wear one, make sure it fits correctly.