Is Cycling for You?


Why Cycle?

It’s a super optimal time to start or resume cycling and you can’t beat the bicycle for local transport.  Are you finding petrol costs limiting?  Are you looking for a way to have family days out without a car?  Do you need a way to get to work avoiding congestion?  Or do you just long to sail along with the wind in your hair?

Cycling brings activity into your daily life while making local journeys.  You get whole body aerobic exercise, fresh air, and a boost to your spirits.  By cycling regularly you can actually make your heart seem younger than it is!  Read a great article about cycling and heart health.

But there is so much more to cycling than being the best way to get around town.  Leisure rides into the countryside, touring holidays open up for you.  And then there is the diversity of cycling sports if your enthusiasm takes you there.

Are you deterred by our UK weather?  Don’t be!  When you have suitable clothing, the weather becomes less of an issue, and you arrive feeling toasty warm.  In hot weather cycling offers a cooling breeze.


Transport for today

Cycling is going places both literally and figuratively.  It offers solutions to problems of sustainability, health, congestion and cost.  And, foremost of them all, it’s great fun.  I find it empowering and liberating to go faster and further than I can walk, powered by my own body.  It’s also a sociable activity to ride with friends and yet remain independent.  Don’t you find you are more connected to the environment in the open than enclosed in a metal box?  So many reasons and so many places to ride.  If you are looking for ways to live greener, happier, cheaper, cycling is the way forward.  Read this article for inspiration:

Cycling is good for the body

The human body enjoys the rhythmic circular motion of pedaling, which incorporates a rest period in every rotation.  Cycling promotes strength and tone in heart, lungs, muscles, soft tissue and bones.  It increases blood flow to the brain, which helps everything work more smoothly.  Cycling is an activity you can do at any level.  Start at a pace that’s comfortable for you and you can gradually increase as your stamina improves.  Because it is non-weight-bearing, it puts little strain on joints while strengthening bones.  Some people find cycling easier than walking.

Health benefits of cycling link


Cycling is good for mental health

Cycling means you can participate in the world without having to engage in conversation.  Focusing on decisions about route, avoiding hazards etc can be a positive distraction from unhelpful thoughts.  Being in the fresh air and seeing a change of scenery boosts the spirits and the physical activity helps the emotions to release. Another aspect is that cycling with friends can be an easy-going way to socialise without pressure, while enjoying the fresh air and surroundings, whilst cycling alone can be restorative and beats sitting indoors.

Read Sustrans article: why walking and cycling are good for mental health


Cycling: what do I get from riding a bike?

For me it it was a wonderful experience to become familiar with a machine, having had little contact with anything mechanical all through my childhood.  Learning how to adjust it and make minor repairs, such as punctures, was really empowering for me.

Moving faster than I can walk, speeds up attentiveness to people and surroundings.  I learnt to look ahead and anticipate possible hazards, and to plan and make decisions quickly while on the go.  Being a responsible cyclist means respecting and considering people and objects both more and less powerful than I am and learning strategies to protect myself and others from hazards.  We help each other by preventing mistakes (by ourselves or others) from becoming disasters.


Are you still apprehensive?

  • Is it too risky?
    – All life carries risk!  Every day we constantly weight up risks and benefits.  The risk of serious injury from a cycling mishap is far outweighed by the risk of a sedentary life.  Likewise the cost for society is much lower for an active population.
    – Cycling tuition gives skills and knowledge which reduce the chance of a tumble.
    – The more people cycle, the safer it is, as we become a more common presence on the road.
  • Do you think your balance is poor?
    – If you can stand and walk your body is already a champion at balancing.  It just needs time and good guidance to learn some extra technique. As with everything else, balance improves with practice.
  • Is the speed and intensity of motor traffic putting you off?
    – Equipped with knowledge of best practice and how to avoid problematic situations, you will feel much more comfortable being in the flow of traffic.
  • I feel inadequate
    – Learning bike control and road skills with me, you gradually increase your confidence through success.  You’ll find you feel comfortable to ask me anything that helps you progess.

Why not talk to me to see how you might overcome your barriers?