My granddaughter has had two sessions with Eleanor and is now balancing well over considerable distance. She will soon be cycling with confidence.

Carl Westerling

I highly recommend Eleanor of Sound Cycling, my son is 6 and we have struggled to get him to ride his bike without stabalisers for ages as he has always been quite nervous about falling off. Eleanor was patient and clear with instructions to Daley and after only 2 lessons he was off!! to see the confidence in his face after just the first lesson was amazing! He now loves riding his bike and never wants to get off!! Thank you Eleanor you have made a little boy very happy! 😀

Stacey Hand

Eleanor has worked magic with my daughter, she is so happy and excited to ride now, it’s amazing.

My 6 year old daughter had couple of falls on her bike and was so scared to get on her bike!!   Amelie was little scared before her first lesson but within a few minutes she was enjoying the teaching and learning at a pace that was perfect for her. Amelie loved her first lesson, she said she was not scared anymore and really loved it. The lesson with Eleanor was brilliant – she was patient, kind and gave my daughter so much confidence. She has been on her bike so much since we have been home and she can’t wait for next week’s lesson. Highly recommended.

…. I wanted to just write another message, 4 weeks of lessons with Eleanor and Amelie has truly excelled with her riding. She is confident, happy and enjoys riding so much. Eleanor has taught Amelie so many skills that she will continue to improve upon. Looking forward to weekend away next year with lots of family bike riding x”

Kat Shepherd

Before my lesson I was scared to ride. But then on my first lesson. I loved it, wasn’t scared and it was fantastic. My teacher was amazing and I cannot wait for next lesson.
Amelie Shepherd (6)

As a nervous cyclist the one-on-one tuition was exactly what my daughter (9) needed, to boost her confidence, learn about basic bike maintenance and finally to get her cycling.

I had my first cycling lesson today with Eleanor van der Hoest (Sound Cycling) I was very nervous at first even before my lesson as I haven’t ridden a bicycle since I was a kid but Eleanor made me feel very relaxed and her patience and calm approach helped me overcome my fear of getting on a bike. I learned some new things today about how a bike works which I didn’t know before. I felt a little sense of Freedom when I attempted to pedal and it felt good being outdoors in the fresh air. I imagined myself cycling freely one day without worrying about falling over and losing control. I feel that Eleanor is more than happy to help me overcome my fears and help me cycle to freedom!!

Thank you so much for your very helpful cycling lesson yesterday. As a new, older cyclist I found your calm and encouraging approach assisted me to overcome my fears and want to continue, even though I first thought I would be unable to ride my new (2nd hand) bike.

I was surprised that I managed to cycle ok (if shakily) after a gap of nearly 50 years! At yesterday’s lesson, initially I thought that the saddle was too high (so that I felt unable to cycle) and appreciated that you looked at different ways to enable me to regain my confidence.

I found the instruction in how to mount, start peddling and then get off the bike clear & encouraging – you always look for the positives in your feedback – and the repetition of practising the basics was really helpful. I then enjoyed cycling some longer stretches, with you giving me further instruction as you rode along beside me.

I find it really helpful that at the beginning of a lesson you go through the basics of what to check on a bicycle before you start cycling. You also very clearly explain about the gears (& chain) and how to use them. I now have a better understanding of the gears & feel more confident using them.   I would definitely recommend you as a cycling instructor, particularly to anyone who lacks confidence.