Why Cycle Training?

Contrary to popular belief, the ability to cycle is not our birthright! It’s a skill set that we learn, some at a young age, some older. Like any other skill set, it’s a good idea to seek tuition rather than struggling alone. We need more people cycling to make our towns and cities more sustainable and people-friendly, and cyclists need to have the relevant skills.

Who needs cycling tuition?
• People learning to ride for the first time
• Folks returning to cycling after a gap
• Cyclists who can learn from current best practice in road craft.

Do you want to start riding a bike?
It’s never too late or too early to learn to cycle! I teach adults and children alike, and I especially love teaching beginners. It’s a joy to witness a person becoming able to control a bike, as a whole new whole opens up for them! I learnt to cycle myself aged 20 so I never take it for granted. I use a method which works well for most people, and gradually builds up from striding to gliding to pedaling. People vary a lot in how quickly they progress – I will take you through the stages at your own pace.

Are you taking up cycling after a long gap?
Do you think it’s time to resume cycling that you perhaps left off long ago? Now is a great time to do so and cycling is the best way to get around Southampton and enjoy nature. I am here to help, so don’t let your concerns hold you back. I will take you through all the essential bike control skills before moving on to the basics of road riding. Everyone is different, and some take longer than others to get back to grips with riding a bike.

Do you cycle and often wonder about best practice on roads?
Or, are you perhaps keen to make a leap from cycling off road only to becoming a road user on a bike? Tuition can equip you to deal with motor traffic confidently and competently. I follow the National Standard which was introduced by the government in 2005 and fully revised in 2019. It describes competent cycling, setting out the skills and understanding needed to cycle carefully and responsibly. The 4 core function are: Making good and frequent observations, Choosing and maintaining the most suitable riding positions, Communicating intentions clearly to others and Understanding priorities on the road, particularly at junctions.