Is Cycle Training for me?

The bicycle is such a brilliant invention! It’s fuel-free travel that is fun, healthy, and low cost – along with being gentle on the planet. So why don’t more of us cycle?

Is it fear of traffic that stops you riding?
The practical advice and awareness you get from tuition raises confidence to take a bicycle on the road. The more people cycle and walk, the more people-friendly the roads will be for all.  It has been shown that the more bicycles there are on the roads, the lower the risk of injury.

Do you want to learn to ride from scratch?
I didn’t learn to ride until I was 20.  It’s never too late or too early to start.  If you want to do something positive about the environment or your fitness, this could be the time to get onto two wheels! As with anything new, it may feel daunting so taking lessons is a wise move to get you started.

Are you returning to cycling after a long gap?
The prospect of getting back on a bike might feel terrifying.  Training is here to coach you with skills and know-how.  Or maybe you cycle regularly without knowing best practice for riding safely. Training can help you develop your skills, improve your riding experience, and dispel some of the myths about the hazards of cycling.

The best way for cyclists to minimize risk on roads is not always what comes naturally. Tuition can help you reassess and improve your road habits to better protect you and other road users.

So whether you’re a complete beginner, a returner or a regular cyclist, tuition has great benefits.

Adult training uses the National Standards (which are taught in Bikeability, the Department for Transport’s scheme for teaching cycling in schools). This is the up-to-date and improved version of Cycling Proficiency.  It is realistic and builds confidence through bite-sized progressive steps. Teaching is done at your own pace and is tailored to your needs.

Click this link to read the briefing on cycle training by CTC (the National Cycling Charity).


Bicycle by the sea

 Picture the scene: a summer evening, pop a few picnic items into a basket, gather up a few friends and/or children/grandchildren, all get on bikes and cycle to the nearest beauty spot by the river – what could be nicer, what a delight!